Monday, February 05, 2007

Telluride 2007 Day 6

Dinner last night at COSMOpolitan. We had friendly Sierra as our server. The Super Bowl was on in the bar, but none of us really cared much. I remember Super Bowl 24 when we stayed at a (then newish in 1990) Mountain Village to watch the 49's dominate the Broncos. ... Most of the gaggle departed this morning. I slammed 9 as usual before Steve came to join me for lunch.

Steve enjoys a "health drink" at Chair8

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Telluride 2007 Day 5

The exquisite lamb chops at Allreds last night must have been what I needed to get my skiing mojo back today. That, or the fact that it was really nice out. Tape to Tape.

No Complaints

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Telluride 2007 Day 4

Blue and crew flew in yesterday afternoon. So now we are 9. Had dinner at the Bluepoint Grill last night. "Not as Cold" today.

Telluride 2007 Day 3

Dinner at Siam (Thai) the night before. ... Groundhog day was a really cold one. Not that I wouldn't mind repeating it a few times. My ear lobe is still sore from what might have been the precursor to frostbite. Did the usual runs on 9, made a few friends at Giuseppe's.

Sandra and Kathy

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Telluride 2007 Day 2

Last night had dinner at Honga's. It takes some getting used to $250 Sushi dinners; but not if you have been in Telluride for long. The fancy fresh shaved Wassabi is nice; but they should just give it to you - the $5 extra is kind of lost in the noise. ... Day two was spectacular. Lots of sun in the morning. I yo-yo'd on 9 until the gang caught up. So many friendly people here. I met local yoga instructor Victoria who helped confirm many of the positive images I have of the locals.

The ride up 9