Monday, February 16, 2009

Five Great Days

Back at work after five great days. The photo below showing Upper Plunge with the fun not nearly used up yet...

Skier: Gidget

Sunday, February 15, 2009

KTEX2009 Day 5

It was forecast to be snowy, but the day was blue skies and some wind. I found that the skiers right of everything on 9 was great. Speaking of Blue, air-Blue arrived in the afternoon, we had dinner at Hongas, drinks at Excelsior, then Noir Bar where Steve is still MIA.

Andy and Danni

Shep, Chrissie, and Clara

Friday, February 13, 2009

KTEX2009 Day 4

First tracks in ankle-deep pow down Plunge and Lookout. Any other commentary is superfluous.

KTEX2009 Day 3

A gorgeous, sunny day, if a little bit windy at times. Skied with the girls in the morning, then rendezvous with Gabriel for his 2PM local's "early start"...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KTEX2009 Day 2 PM

You just never know you may run into in this old mining town.

KTEX2009 Day 2 AM

Sun shining bright, I rode the fourth chair up 8 and the second up 9. Lookout, Bushwacker twice, and then Lookout to Cats Paw (still soft) to come back an meet Heidi at the airport. Sweet!

859AM at Chair 8

KTEX2009 Day 1

Day one was great. There was nearly a foot of fresh, dry pow on the hill as I got out to ski for the first time this season (yikes!). Serious electrostatic forces pulled me to Chair 9, where I found they have added a footrest and safety bar (yawn). My fave of the day, which I must have ran five times, is hard skiers right down the start of Lookout. It was essentially fluffy, nearly untracked stuff, with few bumps to throw me off... well, I did go out the front once in a painless powder face plant. ... The sun is out this morning, and another fine day is in store

Tuesday Morning Downtown Telluride 705AM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Telluride Arrival Drama

Over perhaps a dozen trips to Telluride in the winter, I believe I've only been diverted on the inbound once. Well twice now! Came in from Phoenix on a Dash-8, practically a jumbo next to the Beech 1900s. Below minimums, we diverted to Montrose. Picked up 5000 pounds of Jet-A; and 22 passengers got off while 3 of us stayed on. Gabriel said the weather was looking OK, and sure enough, we shot the approach at 2000 ft ceiling and 2 mi visibility.

Our Dash8