Wednesday, March 29, 2006

DSO in Telluride

I rode chair 9 earlier in the week with Ed and Mark, who had my "extra" for the sold-out Dark Star Orchestra show on Tuesday night. It was a re-creation of the November 21, 1973 `Dead show.

They dedicated the show to "Hoot" who tragically died earlier in the week. There was a memorial service earlier that evening...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 5

Five days is about the limit. I had gone "tape to tape" the past four. But today, around 2:30, I was dragging. The moment of my ski-boot system against my trailing left knee said "stop early". Since I was solo, I tried skiing with iPod. Very cool. You can become a little too absorbed in the music. Fave Juliana tunes work really well.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 4

Day 4: My revenge on the mountain! I just knew it would be a great day as the sun came up...

I can't recall how many times I yo-yo'd on 9. But I held a solid 20 minute cycle time. Had lunch with Steve at Chair-8, then back to work...

Way too many skiers in Mammoth...

Last run of the day, you can see Cyndi's house opposite the school...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 3

Day 3: The ass kicking. It's not like it should be any surprise. East coast pin head vs. big ol' Telluride. All in all, no regrets. It started ok. A few inches of powder and first tracks down Coonskin. Then up 8 and over to 9, where the top was still in the clouds.

A few passes down Plunge and then lunch at Allreds, which seldom sucks. Bummer news was that tickets for the Dark Star Orchestra on Tuesday night had sold out, and I really wanted to go. "Who's got my extra?"
The sun came out and I continued to struggle; but it was a fun struggle. All I wanted was one sweet pass on Plunge, hard skiers right, where every turn was a perfect tele-god-goddess turn. It wasn't to be.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 2

"And it gets even awesome-er"!

Decisions, Decisions!

All limbs still attached after a investigatory pass of Apex Glade.

Organic Breakfast of Champions

I met Amy of New Hampshire this morning at Restore Our World, while on a quest for coffee and carbs. This got me thinking that I need some way to capture the dining experiences here during my stay.

BluePoint (Thursday 3/23)
“I wish to transcend space and time”

221 (Friday 3/24)
Shep's suspicion that Jefferson Airplane's "Today" is in D-Dorian is probably correct.

Cosmo (Saturday 3/25) * Mark had a cool apres' ski party at the Barrio. Then we found our way over to Cosmo for another fine dinner.

Honga’s (Sunday 3/26) * The usual sushi deal. No spicy tuna, bummer.

Allreds (Monday 3/27) * $60 for drinks, and god-knows-what dinner costs; but the food is good and when you ride the gondola back into town the approach is priceless.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 1

Let's see if I can recall the day. Sunny. Warm. Twice up 4 down Misty to rememeber how to ski. Then over to 9. Plunge, Lookout, and then Lookout again to hookup with Steve and Cyndi. In between, I stopped and saw my bird friend at Guiseppe's. Gave him a cookie, I'm sure that's good for him.

Then Bushwacker, Plunge, skied to TelSKi to investigate the Waterville Valley Threedom Pass SCAM. Had lunch. Then 4 to 5 to Palmyra. Then over to 6 and back to 9. Me plunge; Steve and Cyndi into joint point and Mammoth. Repeat a few times with Mark.

Manchester to Telluride

I don't see the problem. Yes, it is three flights MHT-ORD-DEN-TEX, but it just works. Fog, snow, rain; these are things United can deal with.

Got into Telluride just after 1 PM, gorgeous...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can hear!

After three months with fluid in my left middle ear, my ENT doc pops a vent hole right about where I suffered barotrauma a decade ago in a waterski crash and ta da - binaural perception! It rocks! And it comes on the eve of a March Telluride jaunt. Steve just called and said he would pick me up. And yeah, Ice is out on Massabessic. Spring is hear, er here.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not Spring Yet

Eleven days until I ship out to Telluride. It's been snowing there lately. This is a good thing. Day by day checks of the local weather leave me hoping the snow will hold.

I drove over to Dube's pond yesterday, because the temp was up in the 50's and the March sun was strong. Still ice on the course. A little open water by the dam. It's just not time yet.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Heart Alpine

We had a stellar day at Alpine. The quad on the backside is great. Sunday wasn't as nice - we drove down to Kirkwood. We met Nvidia shader kids Gennevive and Phil taking a snowboard lesson despite the 40 MPH gusts.