Monday, March 25, 2013

KTEX 2013, Day 4

It's over. Day four was swimming in sunshine and smiles. But it's over. I should be happy. But not so much. It's like when camp is over and everyone has to go home.  Emily turned me on to the music of Devendra Banhart last night, I bought "Mala" on Itunes; and played that album all day today. Amazing, best new music I've heard in years. Last run of the day, of the trip...

KTEX 2013, Day 3

The plan was that I would rendezvous with the girls for some tele-snowboard hybridization. Yet there was this stubborn gravity of riding up 8 to 9 in the crisp, sunny air that made like "lift ten?, did you say ten?". I got my shit together and made my way over for a few runs with Emily, Holly, and Holly. I had lunch with the Seattle gang over at Bon Vivant. Then drinks at Cosmo, dinner at La Marmotte, and still more kind talk until I hit the wall at an embarrassingly early hour which I can only attribute to my lack of stamina at such things, at altitude.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

KTEX 2013, Day 2

It was a cold and snowy day. I set out early by myself, in search of lift 9 solitude. I ended up helping a woman down the mountain who was having an anxiety attack. Came back up and ran my line of lines on Plunge, in a blissful, near white-out.

KTEX 2013, Day 1

Into old school retro mode on my late 1990s Tua M3's with prototype Hammerhead binders. Amazing how crisp they still are. Much more modern T2 plastic has a lot to do with it. Anyhow, no surprise what I did... up 9, a few warmups on Lookout, and on to my favorite line on the mountain, the steeper bit of skier's right down Plunge. Chris always used to say "The Apr├Ęs Skiing is just as important as the Skiing". And he was right. Met up with my Manch-Vegas peeps Holly, Emily and Mike, and had a fun dinner at Hongas...

Arriving KTEX 2013

A relatively low-drama arrival into KTEX with some snow and gusty winds. Steve picks me up at the airport and before you know it we are sipping gin and tonics at the base of chair 8. A mellow evening in town to get ready for the days ahead.