Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Late September Skiing

Paul and I agree that one fine way to start the workday is with a solid ski set. We had one this morning. Air and Water were both 62 degrees. Sunny, brilliantly 930 AM in late-September sunny! And wind just starting to get busy out of the South. We could sure use more of these!

Paul at the far side

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is Here

I can't deny the calendar anymore, September 21 has come and gone. This, however, is fine with me. I love fall. And fall in New England is the best. Luck has it that I don't have any immediate travel plans. And this is great; for there is no place I'd rather be than home, during Fall, in New England. The pond is hovering just above 60 degrees; and I have no plans to pull the Nautique for another few weeks. Maybe catch us on the Dubes Webcam. Or not. But one thing is for sure, the colors are awesome!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer's Last Stand

Our perpetually too-short waterski season in New England was truncated at the head by a rainy start and my own personal choices; I'm doing my best to make sure it isn't truncated at the tail. It was in the low 70s today, but the water temp was only 61. It takes two or three passes to literally warm-up, without resorting to a wetsuit. The `97 Nautique (not the 2010) is on the lift and with any luck we can get in another half dozen sets before this one is history.

Pond and Lake Moments

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Peace in the Rhythm of My Pain

Halfway over the Atlantic, middle of the night, glow of the keyboard like a fire's hearth against my fingertips. There's not a single empty seat and I'd be freaking out if the guy in front of me pushed his seat back again. Is it rude to push back? Keller Williams and String Cheese are jamming happy major chords. I'm optimistic about FPL and Prague. I'll get some sleep in a bit then motor through the international transfers at CDG on autopilot. ... The plane CDG/PRG could not be nicer; an A320 with about a 33% load factor. I have three seats to myself; and so does everyone else. A UniBall pen just blew out its viscous ink in my lab notebook - was able to contain the situation before it got ugly. Trying to decide between the $40 taxi or the the $10 bus/train dance - will try the later if my luggage went missing on the short connect through CDG. Where is my Prague map of bus line 119 to end station Dejvicka, to train line A station Zelivskeho? In my luggage, of course! ... Luggage went missing, needed the cab ride to center myself. Arrive at hotel in Prague. No luggage. Go see the Castle with Vaughn, Steve, and Kati. Dinner with Nachiket. Luggage arrives around midnight. FPL Monday good, FPL Tuesday better. Stay for Peter's keynote on Wednesday then PRG/CDG. Typing again CDG/BOS. Not one, not two, but three screaming kids within four seats of me. Note to self: do not sit one row behind the bulkhead. Alcohol should help. … Prague was nice


Cheat Sheet

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