Tuesday, July 04, 2006

SML 2006

I just finished spending a few days frolicking with old (and new) friends at Smith Mountain Lake. Lori’s shindig started as a reunion deal; but it has evolved (devolved?) into something more than that. This year was interesting in that there were a cadre of people who I barely knew thirty years ago when we were classmates at Onteora. Sitting here in the Roanoke airport, nearly empty on this July 4th evening, I wish I was still there feasting on Sam’s “extra-healthy” ribs and drinking my gin and tonic. Harold, Sarah, Mark, Melissa, Maureen, Laura, Chris, Mich, Sam and Lori; I love you guys. Now ask Liana and Margaret to please make my G&T at once! And where the heck was Nick (Neeek) when you needed him to make us all look good.

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Anonymous said...

So these are great! What happened to Maureens Pamelas product infomercial?