Saturday, March 31, 2007

Swiming Backwards

Earlier this week I was out in LA for professional shindig, IPDPS. From my hotel room I had a fabulous view of a ventilator exhaust. Wednesday night I drive up Pasadena-way to see Cindy and Robin.

Ventilator View

Thursday, in my rush from the rental car shuttle, I must have tweaked my spine. A few minutes later, as I’m getting my boarding pass at the kiosk, I have this awful pain in my back and can barely walk. I go straight for the “Naproxen and Tonic” in the RCC.

On the plane, friendly flight attendant Becca helps me consider the caffeine-alcohol trade space. Several hours in, and suffering quite a bit despite both the caffeine and the alcohol, I notice two of my cabin mates stretching out. Really stretching out, like impossibly so. And, I thought, “I sure would feel great if I could do that”. So I hobbled up to the galley where I met Galina and Sasha. They were teaching Becca some yoga pose. I explained my malady. Soon I was trying to “swim backwards” out the galley service door at 30,000 feet. This felt great! This went on in various gyrations for quite sometime, only interrupted by the captain having to pee, twice. I’m still hobbling around as I write this; but know that I can fix it a bit by “swimming backwards”.

I'm so clueless; I didn't figure it out until I got home why Sasha knew her stuff!

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Steve Gabriel said...

Since you have no comments on your blog, I thought I'd post one.

That's really cool! Too bad the entry fee was a tweaked back.