Monday, April 09, 2007

To Hell You Ride Home

A posting about my travels home from Telluride, get it? ... Last night we had a fabulous dinner up at Allreds. It was Steve, Cyndi, Mark and me. I knew it was off to a good start when Mark started in with the blue cheese stuffed olives wrapped in white anchovies. It was part of a martini, of course; and only one of a plurality of superlatives for that dinner. Another was the “Palmira” wine. Yum. And then there was the Walu. You would think that Telluride was some kind of destination for fancy places to eat. You would be right. Mark and Steve had some kind of Grappa-like beverage that served as a catalyst for our subsequent adventure. … The ride down the gondola in Telluride at night is a blast. I want to just set up shop and ride round and round. “Wiiii, I’m peppy!” … We sampled two of the many possible last-Saturday-night-of-the-ski-season digs: First, the NoirBar under BluePoint, where DJ Harry was spinning. Then some blues band and the silver dollar saloon. The later seemed really lame to Steve and me, so we (unsuccessfully) engaged the “sketch-dar” and headed back to NoirBar. Steve made a great comment relating dance music to wine. Something about repetitive refinement, I forget. … Great Lakes got me to DEN. Untied got me DEN/ORD. Hopefully I’ll make it the rest of the way without drama. … All in all a terrific week in studying telemark technique in Colorado spring conditions.

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Eliana said...


do you by any chance remember where the "palmira wine" was from?
I have been searching for this wine and I can't get any information on it. I had it once years ago and now can't find it anymore.
if you remember anything, please email me:

thank you!