Monday, August 20, 2007

Mondo Bloggo

So long since posting: I brought "Steve French" home from the dealership. I can't think of a better name. Royce and Craig came to visit. Susan and I saw "Zappa Plays Zappa" in Boston, which was fantastic. The best live performance I've seen since, um, the two days at Tweezer Center just before Coventry. Then there was `vibes 07. My funked up bipartite patella and the still-unresolved mystery of why it so slow to heal. Then HotChips. And here we are. Whew! It sure seemed like more. I guess there is the jobby thing mixed in there too.

Preparing for HotChips (Menlo Park, CA)

Jeff is Happy (Vibes07, Bridgeport, CT)

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lchurt said...

I have never seen you in a tie before. AWWWWW. So grownup!