Friday, July 24, 2009

Northeast Harbor

Susan let me tag along to the Crab Creek reunion of sorts up in Northeast Harbor these past few days. It has been great weather, coming to an end today with an eerie, perpetual rain. We're staying at "The Rock", a family compound on the eastern shore of Somes sound. Skip took us out for a sail yesterday in Betsy and Abe's boat, "Endeavor". Elizabeth (the other Betsy) left for Canada-ville today. Haven't uploaded my snappys yet, so I'll post one that is at least from Maine, 100s of miles from here...

The Rangeley Inn (winter 2000)

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Anonymous said...


Got ta get the accent roight.
You're in my neck o' the woods. Dude, you're probably passing my exit right now. G'dang.
I should call you guys up.
Here goes...