Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hickory 2009

It was so cool to see the group that turned out at The Hickory last night. Driving east on 28, turning into the parking lot of this unfamiliar haunt, I was just a little uneasy. But I saw Karen getting out of her car, and instantly knew this can’t possibly be bad. In a few minutes I’m meeting old friends and making new ones. People I just met are buying me drinks. And a really kind cross-section of our life in the 70s showed up. Way cool. … So the plan is to do this again soon. Lots of little (or not so little) gatherings. Candy is thinking of a 33-1/3 reunion for the class of 1976 lot. Mike and Mary Lou got the group thinking about Memorial Day 2010 event at Davis Park. We had some trouble choosing between showing slides and movies on a big white sheet; or booking Phish for a stealth Bushkill festival. … Thanks so much to Jim Blatter for hooking us up; and to the Hickory staff. Let’s do it again soon.

Shep and Karen

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