Friday, February 18, 2011

KTEX2011 Part1

Arrival was a bit of a drama; but it all worked out fine. BOS/DEN no problem; but Great Lakes Air made what must have been a business decision to fly us to Cortez instead. Bags lost. Happy accident of going to Cortez was the deluxe ride to Telluride from this cool kid from Alaska, while chatting up a storm with KOTO DJ Amy. Got to Chez Cyndi's, then slowly made rendezvous with Steve, Cyndi, Josh, Cindy, Tamara, and thankfully, my luggage. Dinner at Cosmo. Restless first-night at 8700 feet. Still felt crispy Thursday morning. Breakfast at the Steaming Bean helped terrifically. On the mountain Thursday, the snow was a little firm, not thin; and the wind was howling, but the smiles were ear to ear. Blue, Louise, Clara, and Chrissie arrived KTEX as we landed at Chair X. Dinner at the New Sheridan in the exclusive (and quiet) back room. Now we just need the pow'.

Shep, well bundled up, on Lookout

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Anonymous said...

Sound like a good time. 5' dump in Mammoth by the end of the week. 20' base on top. I'm going end of next week.