Saturday, April 23, 2005

Post-NAB Post-FCCM Post-Tahoe

After two solid days of the ski, drink, eat, and sleep ritual, the weather is has finally given out. Phil left yesterday afternoon when he heard the magic word "icing". Not sure about Becky and Brian's departure, but we had dinner with them at Mamasake last night. I suspect that they want to avoid the rain and scattered t-storms in the area. Thinking that we will have a nice morning here at Plumpjack with Cyndi and Steve, then off to Palo Alto ville.

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Brian Von Herzen said...

Health Drinks! Becky and I made it back fine after a refuel in Minden and a bit of IFR, precip and moderate rime on the descent from 16,000. Overall a smooth ride with a visual approach into KPAO. Ski More!