Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Duffel Bag Filled With Rocks

Why is it that Summer is Kodachrome; and Fall is Ektachrome? At least in my mind anyhow (writes the color-blind one). I'm digging the return to familiar patterns; except that the center of mass is far enough away from stasis, so as to keep us on edge. Life's arc wouldn't be challenging otherwise. ... Good ego lashing today as I got a letter in the mail, I am not making this up, from a dear friend I haven't heard from in a decade that said, and I'm really not making this up, that I'm a "duffle (sic) bag filled with rocks". Harsh. So I can't help but ask myself how I messed that up so well? People talk about first impressions; this has me thinking that last impressions may also mean something. Or maybe one's view of someone just drifts as the memories fade? Or it may just be spot-on correct; although I hope not an invariant and universal perception.

Kodachrome Summer on Eastern Point

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Tommy said...

Just remember in that great big bag of rocks lies a world of pebbles of many shapes, sizes, and textures. he probably made that comment beacuse you are the center force that happiness surrounds.