Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Onteora Candids

I shot several thousand still images on a 35mm Honeywell Spotmatic in the mid-1970s. The vast majority where shot on bulk-loaded Kodak Plus-X that I would usually push a stop or two. Being a teenager at the time, many of those photos were shot around my high school, Onteora Central School, on the days I actually attended. Many of the better shots, not necessarily the ones without gratuitous “birds” and “moons”, went into the `74, `75, and `76 OCS yearbooks. Most just sat in glassine envelopes for decades.
There are more than a few duds, but certainly some kind gems among this first tranche of 700+ “Onteora Candids”. A few of my faves, among many, are below; the rest in Smugmug on clicking through. Enjoy!

Fran and Lacey


West Shokan Bus

Jason and Tony

Mr. Fiedler




Mr. Wesselmann


Ellie and Sherry


John said...

Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

- John '74

Joyce said...

so enjoyable looking back at the good old days. Thanks for sharing!