Saturday, March 25, 2006

Organic Breakfast of Champions

I met Amy of New Hampshire this morning at Restore Our World, while on a quest for coffee and carbs. This got me thinking that I need some way to capture the dining experiences here during my stay.

BluePoint (Thursday 3/23)
“I wish to transcend space and time”

221 (Friday 3/24)
Shep's suspicion that Jefferson Airplane's "Today" is in D-Dorian is probably correct.

Cosmo (Saturday 3/25) * Mark had a cool apres' ski party at the Barrio. Then we found our way over to Cosmo for another fine dinner.

Honga’s (Sunday 3/26) * The usual sushi deal. No spicy tuna, bummer.

Allreds (Monday 3/27) * $60 for drinks, and god-knows-what dinner costs; but the food is good and when you ride the gondola back into town the approach is priceless.

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