Friday, March 24, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 1

Let's see if I can recall the day. Sunny. Warm. Twice up 4 down Misty to rememeber how to ski. Then over to 9. Plunge, Lookout, and then Lookout again to hookup with Steve and Cyndi. In between, I stopped and saw my bird friend at Guiseppe's. Gave him a cookie, I'm sure that's good for him.

Then Bushwacker, Plunge, skied to TelSKi to investigate the Waterville Valley Threedom Pass SCAM. Had lunch. Then 4 to 5 to Palmyra. Then over to 6 and back to 9. Me plunge; Steve and Cyndi into joint point and Mammoth. Repeat a few times with Mark.

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