Sunday, March 26, 2006

Telluride06 - Ski Day 3

Day 3: The ass kicking. It's not like it should be any surprise. East coast pin head vs. big ol' Telluride. All in all, no regrets. It started ok. A few inches of powder and first tracks down Coonskin. Then up 8 and over to 9, where the top was still in the clouds.

A few passes down Plunge and then lunch at Allreds, which seldom sucks. Bummer news was that tickets for the Dark Star Orchestra on Tuesday night had sold out, and I really wanted to go. "Who's got my extra?"
The sun came out and I continued to struggle; but it was a fun struggle. All I wanted was one sweet pass on Plunge, hard skiers right, where every turn was a perfect tele-god-goddess turn. It wasn't to be.

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