Saturday, March 19, 2005

Boston to Telluride

So here we are at 30,000 feet flying from Boston to Telluride by way of Denver. It was a dodgy start on the way to Logan as 93/95S was closed for god-knows-what reason at 6 AM on a Saturday. Apparently such diversions are ongoing as the big dig continues to project its influence. Anyhow, I’ve stared into this paperback by Sheldon Axler of UCSF called “Linear Algebra Done Right”. It’s clearly an undergraduate text (for a math major), but it quickly feels much deeper than Gilbert Strang’s excellent “My column space is better than your row space” linear algebra text. Glad Gabriel will be around for tutoring as well as ski lessons (counter-examples in the later). Wow – cabin air must be dry, I just had a contact lens blowout while just sitting in my seat! Is that the kind of minutia you are supposed to share in a blog?

I’m Denver, well not really Denver, but that large airport somewhere in Colorado near Denver. If feels like a red state. So this dad is sitting with his daughter, no more than five, and he says to her “Do you want to look at some magazines? These aren’t the same kind of magazines your mom has”. First he offers “The New York Times”. A scowl. Then he offers up “The New Yorker”. Still nothing. Finally, “The Economist” and as if it's a consolation he says, “you can practice your reading”!

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