Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Telluride05 Day3

I need to be more careful suggesting tape-to-tape days like yesterday. Lots of fun, just an incomprehensible amount of skiing on challenging terrain for one day. The trouble for me is that you think (key word: think) that you have the agility you had five hours earlier. Anyhow, rested now and ready for what looks to be the only full-on sunny beach day of the week. More snow is in the forecast.

Coonskin and Milkrun in the morning sun:

Had a dodgy dinner last night at the Excelsior. There may have been a combination of factors, but with the burn rate so high, you get lulled into thinking there won't be any bumps. Soulive was at the theatre, and had started early, so we missed an opportunity there as well. Maybe last night was the unavoidable low-point from which to judge the interval. It wasn't that bad.

Super-Bright Sun and 24,000 Vertical Feet Skied

By our 9:30 start, the sun was high in the ski and super-bright. We worked our way over to chair 5 where Steve escaped injury after some tourist behaved badly. After more doodling around in the western slopes, we worked our way back to (my favorite) chair 9.

We had lunch on the mountain outside where we met the "bird boy of Giuseppe's". The bread on my Turkey Sub had been baked during the Carter administration, so we felt that some avian entertainment was in order.

Skied under 9 most of the afternoon. Just perfect tele-conditions. While I played "how slow can you go" on Bushwhacker and Plunge; Steve and Cyndi stalked Caroline during her lesson hoping some excess mojo could be easily captured.

After drinks at "Chair 8", a nice hot tub, and the usual pre-apres'-ski, we made our way to Honga's Lotus Petal for Sushi, Sake, and all that sort of thing. Sleep came easy! Another awesome day!

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