Thursday, March 24, 2005

Telluride05 Day5

Had dinner at Eagle's Bar last night. Disappointed that they had "run out olives". What kind of martini is that? Oh well. Well it continued to snow all night and has cleared somewhat this morning. The forecast calls for only a 50% chance of snow today, but they put up an avalanche watch.

Just back from the mountain. Another Awesome Day! The morning was straight up 8 to 9. Then Plunge - Bushwack - Bushwack - Plunge - Bushwack. Five spectacular runs in 8 inches of fresh powder before lunch. Ran into a tranplanted `loafer "Heinz" who knows Talbot, Skip, Kayot, and the gang. Cool.

Lunch at Allreds with the usual suspects. After lunch, we all did a Lookout cruiser then everyone (except me) jumped into Kant-Mak-Em.

My afternoon was Lookout - Bushwacker - Bushwacker - Bushwacker. Lots of skiing! Nine runs off of chair nine for the day. Powder that forgives almost everything. I think of the six runs I took down the powder-coated Bushwacker, I had three of them entirely to myself. The "crowded ones" looked like this:

"Health Drinks" again (T&T/tall) at chair 8. Melanie, who served us, now knows us and what we drink.

Out for a hot tub and some apres ski soon.

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