Friday, March 25, 2005

Telemark Gear Musings

For the past few years I've been skiing on Tua M3's (178 cm), with HammerHead Binders, and my trusty old pair of Scarpa T2's. The T2's are the original 2-buckle design, and the Hammerheads were from the original batch that Russel Rainey built. I've found this combination to really work well all around.
  • Maybe on New England boilerplate and groomers I'd like some added support from my boots. Not to mention my original-model T2's may be getting a little tired after countless seasons. I've been wearing the size-8 liners in the size-8/9 shells.
  • And maybe on powder days I'd like a ski with a little more float and a little more mass than the M3's. For their dimuntive size, the M3's do motor through crud like teeny-tiny Volkl P10's if you stay right on them. Like the P10's, if you are off-center, you're dead meat. The M3's 178cm length and very modest sidecut feels like a nice compromise.
  • And I just love the HammerHead's. No changes here.

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