Friday, March 25, 2005

Telluride Hospitality Retrospective

Aside from the skiing, the hospitality was generally great. Blurry memories include:

At Chair 8 we had Jenn, Melanie, and Risa putting up with our antics and never even implying that they might ask us to leave.

Honga's bartender Sarah is superwoman. So is Joni, who's newspaper blew off the bar at Chair 8.

Then there was "Linear Algebra Dude" up at Allreds who, presumably overhearing some talk at our table offered in passing, "yeah, I dig Null Spaces..."! We also liked Allred's queit blonde bartender.

Nothing exceptional about the 221 south oak waitstaff. The food was good, however.

Excelsior was a mess, but I'm told that it's hit or miss. Kristen made an excelllent martini, which can help forgive a lot.

Eagle's bar was entirely unremarkable. No olives for a martini: tragic!

La Marmotte was good.

Then there was the arrogant and ignorant Telluride ski instructor woman at "Skiers Union" that epitomized uber-bitch. Oh well, there is one in every crowd!

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