Monday, March 21, 2005

Telluride05 Day2

Dinner at Dave and Caroline's place last night. Great stuff you don't normally come across: Yak (yes Yak), really fine red wine (that happens to be Kosher), and really-really good drug-strength Kona bean coffee. I'll run out of superlatives if this keeps up. Also at dinner were the usual suspects Ann, Steve, and Cyndi. Throughout drinks, dinner, and dessert the local weather channel (available in HD by looking out the window) confirmed the best possible news: It was still snowing!

It looks like we be in the powder today. As it is still spitting snow this morning and the forecast calls for more, an interlude, and another tranche later in the week. Pictures to follow after our morning walk to the hippie health-food store for some tye-died hemp coffee and a muffin.

Tape to Tape! What a day! The photo below from chair 9 pretty much sums it up.

Met Dave and Caroline at the Gondola at 9 AM. Gabriel joined in shortly thereafter. I must have been on 9 five or six times! Lunch at Allreds with the lambchop lollipops (punk band from town) and then off to the happy land of chair six. Finished up back on 9, then happily down to the bar. Jenn tells us the trouble with red states and "burning man". I think Steve was paying more attention - I am tired!

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C said...

HI Shep, finally saw your blog. Enjoyed the pictures and the Yak, Wine and Coffee appreciation. And just wanted to say hi!